Visit of the Wisemen

Visit Of The Wisemen Christmas special edition 2023 By faith I believe in the accounts written, produced and witnessed both past and present. My curiosity came to wonder, is there any evidence yet to be discovered within the Mazzaroth? The Hebrew Zodiac. Hollis Frances

The Visit of the Wise Men by Hollis Frances cover

Alter Called Witness, A Quarterly Journal

The Hebrews tradition speaks of an annual cycle of events that reoccur in their "season." The author brings the reader along his journey involving the gathering and analysis of the data to determine if this tradition is fact or fiction. And, is there any information "written" in the stars, Mazzaroth, that confirms these events? In this first issue of the Alter Called Witness, the author delves into events such as The Binding of Isaac, the Expulsion of the Hebrews from Spain, the Destruction of the Second Temple, and the conception of Jesus!

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Terri Stepek

Alter Called Witness
Hollis Frances
BookBaby (2023)
Reviewed by Terri Stepek for Reader Views (10/2023)
5*- Reading the Signs
"Alter Called Witness" by Hollis Frances is a short and highly unique work. It is the first in a line of quarterly journals which that attempt to align modern events with the Hebrew calendar and then research those events utilizing the Mazzaroth (Hebrew zodiac) and modern software. Did you get all that? Let me try it again it was kind of a mouthful. Hollis Frances is combining known events that align with the Hebrew calendar, such as the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492. He is then looking at those dates using the Hebrew zodiac, the Mazzaroth, by analyzing the data derived from research in current astronomy software. In other words, he's looking for signs in the sky. Not just the modern sky, but the sky as it would have looked on specific dates at specific times.

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Willy's Accident

At twenty-one years old, Willy was fiercely attacked by a man with a knife! It had been thirty years after the stabbing when his mom died that Willy realized the stabbing was actually an answer to his prayer when he was twelve! He could have or even should have died from the stabbing, but God had given him one more chance, just as Willy asked! Willy did make a spiritual decision just three months after that stabbing that he could not do at twelve years old, which was to accept Jesus in his heart as his Lord and Savior!


Ephantus M

Willy's Accident
Hollis Frances
Book Baby (2021)
ISBN: 978-1098366797
Reviewed by Ephantus M for Reader Views (09/2023)
5*- A Christian Read That Will Leave You Perplexed!

"Willy's Accident" by Hollis Frances is a short story based on real-life events. The tale follows a young field engineer who narrowly survives a life-ending event. The incident ushers him to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, leading him to discover and embrace a revolutionary reality.


Lily Andrews

Willy's Accident
Hollis Frances
Book Baby (2021)
ISBN: 978-1098366797
Reviewed by Lily Andrews for Reader Views (10/2023)
*5- A Wise and Refreshing Short Story

"Willy's Accident" by Hollis Frances is an inspirational and illuminating short story based on actual events. Willy developed empathetic abilities at an early age due to the challenges he faced as a child growing up in a dysfunctional family. At the age of twelve, a unique encounter with one of the boys...

The Stranger in My Presence

My morning routine is all set.

I pray, sip my tea and watch TV.

I read The Word for my spiritual food.

What a blessed way to set my mood.

For when I met a stranger today, I can show kindness to lead his way.

Kindness to the stranger is the way best to serve, pass the test.

I happened upon the stranger today, surprisingly he was in my way.

So startled was my soul that I quickly grabbed a napkin from the table,

Then squashed that spider since I was able.

I did not reflect before my action, that my Master would reject, such passion.

For if I should have paused and asked, why you are here in this fashion.

The little spider word have said, my apologies, oh man of God, I asked for your compassion.

Your door was open, and I crawled in, I realized my mistake and quickly turned to retrace my actions.

But you shut the door before I acted, and now I'm trapped, at your mercy apt.

Now I see the door I entered in my reaction, I too am in need of His merciful act.